Blue Monkey Brewery

BLUE MONKEY BREWERY was born on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in 2008.  In 2010 we built a lovely shiny new brewery in Giltbrook , where we produce over 22,000 pints of beer a week. This might sound like a lot, but compared with the big breweries we’re tiny.  We like to think we’re big enough to guarantee quality and consistency, whilst still small enough to remain a tight knit team of beer nerds who are fortunate enough to be able to brew the beers we love.

We've got off to a swinging start, winning over 20 CAMRA and SIBA awards in our first five years.  We hope there's plenty more to come!

23/8/13 - John Hickling signs off and the Monkeys Uncle signs on………..

 Trevor Vickers writes…..

In early 2008 my nephew, John Hickling and I embarked on our exciting adventure to create a brewery.

With Johns enthusiasm and my financial support and background in construction, we chose the name ‘Blue Monkey’ and together built our first Brewery.  It all started in a small factory unit in Ilkeston, where we created our first brew recipe ‘Original’.  This successful brew arrived just in time for the first Notts Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival held at Nottingham Castle.   ‘Original’ was an absolute sell out and the beginning of our journey. 

The popularity took us all by surprise, we didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. People love our beer apparently as much as we do and ‘Original’ was being drunk faster than we could brew it!  Within months we had outgrown our first Brewery, and in 2010 we built our shiny new Brewery in Giltbrook, close to Ikea.  Since 2008 John has trained his dedicated team who have now taken over the Brewing and our success continues.

 John having not brewed for the last two years has decided to go for another challenge of his own, but will still be closely connected with the Brewery as a consultant, so the monkeys uncle is now heading the monkey family. 

The Brewery is alive with creativity, enthusiasm, and excited energy, keeping Blue Monkey alive and well.


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