TOTAL AWARDS 2008 to date   -   43


Right Turn Clyde - Bronze Champion Best Bitters Siba Nationals Beer X

Ape Ale - Silver Beer of Festival Rothwell 2015

Ape Ale Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire 2015

Chocolate Guerrilla Beer Of The Festival CAMRA's Poole Beer Festival


9/10/14 Nottingham Festival 2014 SIBA Competition

  1. Right Turn Clyde Gold Siba Regional Overall Champion of the Competition
  2. Marmoset Bronze Standard Bitters Cask
  3. Right Turn Clyde Gold Best Bitters Cask
  4. Big Blue Silver Premium Strong Bitters Cask
  5. Chocolate Amaretto Stout Silver Speciality Beers Cask
  6. Infinity +1 Gold Champion Bottled Beer
  7. Infinity Bronze Bottled Bitter (up to 4.9%)
  8. Infinity +1 Gold Bottled Bitters
  9. Right Turn Clyde Gold Bottled Gold Beers


12/8/14 - Champion Beer of Britain - Silver - Strong Bitter - Ape Ale (WOW the whole of Britain)

Champion Beer of Britain East Mids 2013 - Gold - Strong Bitters- Ape Ale

Champion Beer of Britain East Mids 2013 - Bronze - Golden Ale- BG Sips

Champion Beer of Britain East Mids 2013 - Bronze - Stout - Guerrilla

Chocolate Guerrilla Bronze Siba National Speciality Beers


  1. Chocolate Guerrilla Silver Siba Regional Overall Champion of the Competition
  2. Marmoset Bronze Siba Regional Standard Bitters
  3. Infinity Gold Siba Regional Premium Bitters
  4. Ape Ale Silver Siba Regional Strong Bitters
  5. Fat Ape Silver Siba Regional  Premium Strong Bitters
  6. Shady Ape Bronze Siba Regional Premium Strong Bitters
  7. 99 Red Baboons Bronze Siba Regional  Porters, Stouts, Old Ales and Strong Milds
  8. Chocolate Guerrilla  Gold Siba Regional Speciality Beer
  9. Infinity Silver Siba Regional Bottled Gold Beers
  • Ape Ale: CAMRA Champion Beer of Nottingham 
  • Ape Ale: SIBA National Champion (Bottled Bitter over 5%)
  • Big Blue: SIBA National Championship Bronze medal (Premium Strong Beers)


  • Big Blue: SIBA Champion Beer of the Midlands
  • Ape Ale: SIBA Champion Bottled Beer of the Midlands
  • Ape Ale: SIBA Midlands Gold Medal - Strong Bitter Category
  • Black Howler: SIBA Midlands Silver Medal - Strong Bitter Category
  • Fat Ape: SIBA Midlands Silver Medal - Premium Strong Beer Category
  • Sanctuary: Bronze (in category), 2012 Peterborough Beer Festival


  • Ape Ale: Bronze (in category), 2011 Peterborough Beer Festival


  • Guerrilla: National Champion Stout, 2010 SIBA National Competition
  • BG Sips: Gold (overall), 2010 Maldon CAMRA beer Festival
  • 99 Red Baboons: Gold (overall), 2010 Hinckley CAMRA Beer festival
  • BG Sips: Silver (overall), 2010 Devises CAMRA Beer Festival
  • Original: Bitter of the Festival, 2010 Woking CAMRA Beer Festival
  • Evolution: Silver (overall), 2010 Derby CAMRA Beer Festival


  • Guerrilla: Supreme Champion Beer of the Midlands, 2009 SIBA Midlands Competition.
  • BG Sips: Gold (in category), 2009 Peterborough Beer Festival
  • Ape Ale: Bronze (in category), 2009 Siba Midlands Competion